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Kindergarten 1 provides a gentle transition from Nursery to the more structured approach of later Kindergarten years. We aim to provide a firm foundation in the basic skills which will engender a rounded education, whilst nurturing the children through this early learning experience.

The main focus in this year is on developing our students social and communication skills, as well as encouraging exploration, imagination and confidence. In Kindergarten 1 children have more contact with specialized teachers, and they are exposed to a wider curriculum including Thai, ICT and Bible Studies.

The timetable in Kindergarten 1 is divided into the following areas:

Free Choice Time

Language Arts & Math

Explore your World! (Science/Health & Social Science)

Reading Buddies

Thai Language & Culture

Bible Studies

Physical Education


Music, Dance, Drama & Games



Nap & Centre Time (Puzzles, Play Dough, Blocks etc.)

Nap Time