Preparing Students for The 21st Century Environment.


1954  Yonsei Univ. (BA - Pol. Sci)
1969  New York Univ.
          (Ph.D. - Pub. Adm.)

1987-1989  President,
                 Chongju University
1993-1999  President,
                 Jeonju University
1994-2000  Advisory Professor,
                 Shanghai University
                 of Education

2001  Grand National Award, ROK

Dear Visitor,

New Sathorn International School (NSIS) is a progressive school, offering a truly global education. Located in the heart of the Central Business District, our school is superbly equipped with the science, art, music, drama and sports facilities you would expect from one of Bangkok's finest schools. Our highly qualified and experienced native English speaking teachers also highly contribute to this unique learning environment, making NSIS the ideal choice for parents who strive to give their children the greatest gift of all, a bright successful future in our 'ever changing' global village.

With the intention of promoting world citizenship, the curriculum at NSIS incorporates elements of both the British and American programs with consideration for Thai culture and wisdom whilst remaining outside of national systems. At its heart, NSIS, is a Christian school striving to encourage leadership for the 21st Century through it's mission-enshrined promotion of tolerance, peace and understanding.

Our changing modern world places great pressure on young people. A strong Christian education provides the moral and spiritual guidance they need to face the realities of everyday life. NSIS, however, respects, and is committed to celebrating the rich diversity of all its students' cultures and beliefs. Regardless of faith, all are welcome at the school.

NSIS is proud to be fully accredited by AdvancED and NCA (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement), America's largest education accreditation organizations.


Dr Chong Ik Rhee
Executive Director